End of Year Campaign

We invite you to invest in the future of dance.

Make the reason you love the arts, the reason you give! 

Your gift makes a difference, give today!

With snow gently falling, the Snow Queen executes a series of fouettés as dancers bourrée around her while the Snow Sprites wait in the wings. The dancers make this look easy, but this delightful scene is a result of multiple hours of rehearsal, planning and behind-the-scenes magic to captivate the audience.

Dancers give everything on stage to create this spectable with the support of loving families, faculty, staff and YOU.

But there are more to these experiences. 

Through time in the dance studio, studetns achieve much more than pointed feet and pirouettes. BalletNova graduates turn their dance educations into more than performing artists. Our graduates become doctors, teachers, scientists, lawyers, and more, with a foundation and work ethic that was built in the studio.

Emilia Dagradi, recent graduate and former BalletNova Sugar Plum Fairy, is now a student at Virginia Commonwealth University and trainee at the Richmond Ballet. She fondly recalls:

"Looking back, overall my experiences at BalletNova had a huge impact on my development and nurtured my independence as a young adult. I feel ambitious and dedicated to my art and I am confident that what I've learned at BalletNova will aid me in my journey no matter where I go."

Your support translates into the lifelong skills of perseverance, discipline and hard work that carries students through any life choice. In order to provide these experiences, BalletNova counts on the support of individuals like you to keep our dancers, teachers and choreographers dancing and performing.

"The community at BalletNova was a powerful motivator in my life, and I hope BalletNova will be able to continue to share this with many more young children in the future!" - Emilia Dagradi

By donating to BalletNova, you're simultaneously investing in the arts in your community. Your contribution supports BalletNova's ability to provide a Free Ticket program for annual performances, discounted and free studio space to local dance companies, and tuition assistance for passionate young dancers who struggle financially. Additionally, you'll help underwrite the costs of BalletNova's black box performance venue, The Fredgren Studio Theatre, which serves as a vital arts resource for our dancers and our community.

Please consider a year-end gift to BalletNova and help keep dance in your community.