Thursday, November 15 : BalletNova has CANCELED ALL classes - children's and adults - today. Please stay safe.

Spring Campaign

Have you ever thought about a world without dance? Have you ever been too busy, injured or sick to take class? If you or someone in your life regularly dances in any way shape or form, you know the power this art form holds. Sometimes we take it for granted, but when it’s not there, we feel its absence profoundly.

Physically, dance gives us strength, flexibility and coordination like no other activity. Dance allows us to move our bodies in multiple directions improving range of motion for all of our joints. Resisting gravity and using our own body weight as resistance helps build bone and stave off osteoporosis, while the awareness of body placement helps with posture. 

Mentally, we gain focus and create new neural pathways every time we are in the studio. Researchers have discovered multiple benefits for all ages, including a lower risk of dementia for those who participate in dance classes.

Emotionally, we connect to what makes us tick with an outlet that brings music and movement together, touching something deep inside of us. A recent study discovered that a regular dance class positively impacted the mental health of adolescent participants.

When you are at your best, you positively impact those around you. Dance Changes You, You Change the World! 

We know you are as passionate about dance as we are. Please consider a gift to our Spring Campaign as we strive to bring the best dance has to offer to our community.