February - 2021
Fall Semester Ends 02-07-21 - 02-07-21

Students need to re-enroll if they wish to continue (this doesn't apply to Junior Division or Conservatory Division programs)

Winter Spring Semester Begins 02-08-21 - 06-27-21

Beginning of the New Semester - New registration required.for Enrichment progrmas

March - 2021
Spring Break (No class for children, Adults no class on Easter) 03-29-21 - 04-04-21

Children's classes do not meet during the Spring Break

Adult classes will be held except for Sunday, April 4 (Easter)

May - 2021
Memorial Day - Studio is CLOSED 05-31-21

Studio is closed. No children or adult classes will be held.

June - 2021
End of the Year 06-27-21

End of the Winter Spring semester and the Academic Year.