BalletNova's Philosophy

Our Philosophy

BalletNova Center for Dance (BNCD) co-founder, Kathy Fredgren, started our teaching tradition of "teaching the whole student."

At BNCD, we strongly believe in treating every child and adult with dignity and respect, and we are firmly committed to the idea that training dancers for a professional career is possible in a caring atmosphere and with mutual respect.

Even though the field of dance is tough and requires rigorous physical and mental training, we want our students to understand that they can push themselves and reach their fullest potential while still caring for their bodies, balancing their lives, and learning healthy life habits.

Although the odds are great against dancers entering the difficult and competitive professional world, BNCD is committed to providing challenging, professional preparation and a meaningful experience for all dedicated students. Dance training offers a multitude of life enriching possibilities for all.

It is our heartfelt goal to ultimately help build intelligent minds of self-confident individuals who will be successful in the professional dance world or wherever their career paths lead.