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Rehearsal Space Rentals

BalletNova offers six studios of various sizes complete with Marley floors and sound systems for use for personal or group rehearsals. Rates are as follows and are for rehearsals only. If you are interested in renting The Fredgren Theatre for a performance, please refer to Performance Space Rentals

BalletNova Center for Dance Studio Hourly Rates (Non-performance)

effective October 1, 2021

Studio Size Sq Ft Regular Rate**** Non-Profit Rate** BN Practice Rate ***
A 24'x36' 864 $40 $30 $20
B 24'x36' 864 $40 $30 $20
C 32'x52' 1,664 $50 $35 $25
D 36'x56' 2,016 $50 $35 $25
E 25'x40' 1,000 $40 $30 $20
F 50'x50' 2,500 $50 $35 $25
Off-Hours Staff* --- --- $30 $30 $30

Rates are per hour.  Portions of hours will usually be pro-rated.

* Off-Hours Staff Rate is charged for all rental hours outside the regularly scheduled staff hours, including time for opening and closing the building. If this applies to your rental it will be indicated when discussing your rental agreement.

** Non-Profit Rate requires proof of non-profit status.

*** BN Practice Rate is charged for individual practice for current BalletNova students, faculty, staff, and Conservatory Division alumni only.  (Alumni must have danced a minimum of two years in BalletNova's Conservatory Division to qualify for this rate.) This rate is for use by 1 or 2 people. Three or more people will be charged the regular room rate (or Non-Profit rate if applicable) regardless of BN status.

**** Private lesson (BalletNova) Studios for currently enrolled BalletNova students and past BalletNova CD students (2 yrs min) rent for $30/hr per studio when there are 1 or 2 students. Three or more students need additional approval and will pay the regular room rate regardless of status. The student(s) will pay BalletNova for the studio and will pay the teacher separately for their time. Please contact the teacher first, and then contact [email protected] to request a space.

**** Private lesson (Non-BalletNova) Studios for non-BalletNova students/alum rent for the posted Regular Rate. Contact [email protected] to request a space.

Studio rental is subject to availability.  Contact [email protected] to request a space.

Studios A, B, C, and D have Harlequin Liberty panel sprung sub flooring covered with a marley dance vinyl overlay, and are equipped with mirrors, barres, and variable speed sound system.

Studio E has mirrors, raised wooden-floor with vinyl overlay, and a sound system.

Studio F has professionally-designed sprung maple wood floor covered with marley, mirrors, and a variable speed sound system.  Studio F is also known as BalletNova's Fredgren Studio Theatre - a black box theater which can be rented for performances.  Performance rates, policies and procedures are available for discussion. More detail is available at Performance Space Rentals

  • Renters will adhere to BalletNova Policies and Procedures, including all health and safety policies.
  • BalletNova reserves the right to request a signed contract. In all cases, your payment is your contract.
  • Renters may be required to provide proof of insurance.

For more information, email [email protected]