Policies and Procedures


BalletNova Center for Dance, Inc. expects every adult student and parent or guardian of a minor student (the “responsible party”) to read and agree to the studio's policies prior to enrolling.

Your signed enrollment form is verification and confirmation that you agree to BalletNova policies; that you understand that the nature of dance instruction sometimes requires physical correction of the alignment of the dancer's body; that you realize there is always a risk of accident or injury inherent in any physical activity, including a dance program, and, in the event of injury, authorize BalletNova Center for Dance, Inc. to obtain emergency treatment on such adult student’s or minor student’s behalf; that you further release BalletNova Center for Dance, Inc., its officers, directors, and employees from all liabilities for injuries or property loss or damage arising out of participation in BalletNova Center for Dance, Inc.'s programs; and that you agree to allow photos and videos of you/your child to be used for the BalletNova Center for Dance, Inc.'s promotional materials.  More detailed information is provided separately in our policies handout and parent guide manual. 


 In this section, find detailed information about:


BalletNova Center for Dance is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and cannot provide refunds.  Therefore, unless the Center cancels a class or workshop, tuition is not refundable.  If a student decides to voluntarily drop out of a class, they are still responsible for the full tuition.

If the Center cancels a class or workshop, you have the option to 1) receive a refund, 2) receive a credit on your account that can be applied towards tuition within a certain time period, or 3) make a tax-deductible contribution for the amount.  

Only documented medical circumstances that prohibit a student from taking class will be considered for the application of a medical credit towards the next semester. For more information on requesting a medical credit, please see the "Injury and Illness" section below.

Household credits are not transferable to other households; credits must be used within the same household.  Unused credits will expire at the end of each the fiscal year (June 30th).  

BalletNova has a minimum student requirement to hold a class.  If fewer than the minimum number of students required to hold a class is not met on a particular date/time, the options for the student(s) are to (1) take a 30-minute private lesson (normally a $45 value) during the scheduled class time or (2) make-up the class on another day before the end of the semester.   BalletNova reserves the right to cancel a class for the remainder of the semester due to low enrollment or attendance.  
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Enrollment for classes is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Subject to availability, new students are accepted throughout the semester on a prorated basis.  Currently enrolled students have PRIORITY ENROLLMENT benefits, meaning they have the opportunity to register for classes (exception: summer workshops) in advance of the general public. Class sizes are limited; register early to ensure desired class date/time.

Only enrolled students have a reserved spot in a class.  If an Adult Division class is full, class card holders and walk-in students will not be permitted to take that class. 

BalletNova has a minimum student requirement to hold a class.  If fewer than the minimum number of students required to hold a class is not met on a particular date/time, the options for the student(s) are to (1) take a 30-minute private lesson (normally a $45 value) during the scheduled class time or (2) make-up the class on another day before the end of the semester.   BalletNova reserves the right to cancel a class for the remainder of the semester due to low enrollment or attendance.  

Children/Youth/Teens/Pre-Professional Division:  All students must enroll. 

  • Young Children, Youth, and Teen Enrichment Divisions: Because tuition is based on a 20-week semester, enrollment is required every semester (e.g., if you register for the Fall semester, you will need to re-enroll for the Winter/Spring semester).
  • Junior, Senior, Conservatory Divisions: Because these division operate on an academic year schedule (September to June), registration is required every academic year.

Adult Division: Adult classes are drop-in only. 4-Week Intro to Ballet Workshops are the only exception and are open for registration.

You may submit enrollment forms in person; via mail at BalletNova Center for Dance, P.O. Box 5587, Arlington, VA 22205; via our secured fax line at 703-778-3016; online, or via email at info@balletnova.org.  Please note that enrollment forms are accepted and processed only after payment is made.

To avoid a registration fee of $25, enrollment forms for all returning students should be postmarked no later than one week prior to the beginning of the semester or academic year.
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Semester Classes:

  • Once class per week: semester tuition is due in full upon registration
  • Two or more classes per week: semester tuition may be paid 1) in full or 2) in monthly installments, with the first payment due upon registration

Academic Year:

  • Pre-professional Division: academic year tuition may be paid 1) in full or 2) in monthly installments, with the first payment due upon registration

Students are responsible for any additional costs resulting from switching to a higher-tuition class.  No refunds are provided when students switch to a lower-tuition class. 


We accept cash, checks, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), via online, mail (BalletNova Center for Dance, P.O. Box 5587, Arlington, VA 22205), our secured fax line (703-778-3016), or at the front desk.

Enrollment forms are accepted and processed only after payment is made.

ALL payments must be paid in full by the end of the semester or academic year, whichever is applicable.

There is a $25 fee for all returned checks, returned payments, and declined credit card charges.

Financial Aid

A limited amount of financial aid is available to families who demonstrate need. To be considered for finanical aid, please submit a Financial Aid Request Form, along with your most recently filed 1040 tax form.  Financial aid is not guaranteed.  Financial aid recipients (student and/or parents) are asked to volunteer a minimum number of 10 hours per semester and give back to BalletNova. All finanical aid recipients must demonstrate consistent dedication to their training, have excellent attendance, and be ambassadors for BalletNova in their communities.
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The following fees apply to the Adult Division only:

  • Single class (i.e., walk-in class, trial class):  $20/class
  • CD Graduate Dancer rate (BalletNova Alum who have obtained Conservatory Division Level prior to graduating or leaving BalletNova): $15/class!
  • Class Card Options:
    • 5-Class PASS: $90 ($18/class)
    • 10-Class PASS: $170 ($17/class)
    • Unlimited Monthly PASS: $240 (valid for 30 days from time of purchase)
    • "All You Can Dance" Unlimited Trimester PASS: $750 (valid for four months from time of purchase)

Additional policies for class-card holders: 

  • Class Passes! Information and FAQs, click here.
  • Class card holders who forget to bring their class card, we can look you up by name, but it takes longer! Lost class cards will be required to pay $15 replacement fee.
  • All adult classes require online registration before class.
  • Unlimited monthly card holders and unlimited trimester card holders may be asked to show ID. 

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Discounts - BalletNova Referral Rewards and More

  • Family/Multiple Class Discount:  We offer a family/multiple class discount if you are enrolling in more than 2 classes per week as an individual or family.  Enrollment must be for the entire semester and must be received by the published deadline.  
  • Refer a New Student – Earn $50 Tuition Credit!
    If you refer a new student to BalletNova Center for Dance and they enroll for a semester or academic year class, you can earn a $50 credit toward your own tuition! See more information about our BalletNova Referral Rewards (BARRE) program.
  • Senior Discount: Ages 65+ get 10% off tuition (including pass cards).
  • Military Discount: 10% off tuition (including pass cards); must show valid military ID.
  • College Student Discount: 10% off tuition (and Pass cards) with valid College ID

For all discounts, restrictions may apply, and not good with other discounts. 

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If an enrolled student will be absent, please call or email the studio to excuse the student.  Enrolled students can make-up classes (see "Make-up Classes" section below for more information). 


Missing warm-up exercises can contribute to injury.  Permitting latecomers into class is also disruptive to the teacher and other students.  Therefore, students who are more than 10 minutes late will not be permitted to take class.  They have the option of observing class or taking an alternative/make-up class. 

Classroom Etiquette

From the moment class begins until it finishes, students are expected to listen closely to the teacher and not speak unless asked a question. Students are not to leave or interrupt any class in session.  Should a student need to be excused, they must obtain permission from the teacher before leaving.

Dancers are required to show respect and courtesy for all students, teachers, and staff members. Disruptive and improper behavior will not be tolerated, including, but not limited to, bullying, negative or derogatory comments, and overblown egos.  At BalletNova, we all support and encourage each other.

Studio Etiquette for Parents

To minimize the distraction of our students while in class, we ask parents to observe the following:

  • Observe class only when invited (e.g., parent observation classes)
  • Do not pass the main doorway into the studio wing
  • Do not linger in front of the the studio doorways (even when the door is closed!)
  • Sit in the community room, not in the hallways, when waiting for your child's class to finish
  • If your child needs to be pulled out of class for any reason, ask a staff member for assistance

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Injury and Illness

Students should always communicate directly with their instructor if an injury is preventing them fully participating in class.  Parents may also send in a note with the student.

Should a serious injury or serious illness prevent a student from participating in class for an extended period of time, please notify BalletNova immediately, preferably by emailing frontdesk@BalletNova.org.  To be considered for a medical credit, submit a detailed doctor’s note describing the student's injury or illness, the length of time the student is required to miss class, and, if applicable, the student's rehabilitation schedule.  If approved, the medical credit will only begin on the date you notified BalletNova of the injury and can be applied toward the student's next semester.  Medical credits are not not retroactive.

BalletNova considers time missed due to an injury to be full-time. Once the student returns to part or full-time dancing, the tuition is due in full. 

Make-up Classes

Make-up classes are non-transferrable (e.g., make-up classes are not available among family members) and must be taken within the same semester as the class missed. 

Children/Youth/Teens/Pre-Professional Division:  Dancers can take a make-up class in an equivalent of lower level class.  Make-ups cannot be taken during observation classes in January and June (contact the studio for schedule information). 

Adult Division:  Dancers can take a make-up class in any class that seems appropriate.  You may ask your teacher for additional guidance.

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Inclement Weather Notification and Procedures

When making a decision to stay open or closed during inclement weather, BalletNova takes many factors into consideration including current conditions, weather forecasts, road conditions, and area school and government closings. As soon as a decision is made to close or cancel classes, an announcement will be made via the following channels: 

To ease the volume of calls during times of inclement weather, please check Facebook, Twitter, and the website before calling the studio. 

The safety of our faculty, staff and dancers is always our number one priority. If at any time, you feel you are unable to make it to BalletNova's facilities for class, we ask that you stay at home. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather can be made up within the same semester. For more information, please refer to our Make-Up Policy. In the event of closing due to inclement weather, BalletNova offers make-up opportunities in other classes, or when possible make-up classes. Make-ups must be used within that same semester unless an exception is provided by BalletNova. These classes cannot be converted into donations and no refunds are available.
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Private Lessons

Dancers have the option to take private or semi-private lessons with our faculty.  Individual lessons are $90/hour;$45/½ hour (some teacher private rates vary as do semi-private lesson rates).  For more information and teacher availability, email info@BalletNova.org