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Adult Ballet Class Descriptions

  • Ballet
  • Hip Hop
  • Modern
  • Musical Theater
  • Tap


Beginning I

This class is designed for the complete beginner! Instruction on alignment and posture will be emphasized, as well as the positions of body, feet, and arms. Ballet positions and terminology will be taught as the class progresses. Students will begin with simple barre exercises for warm-up and basic center floor exercises. Small jumps and traveling steps will be introduced.

Beginning II

​This class is designed for dancers who have completed the Beginning Ballet I level or for those wanting to review the fundamentals. An emphasis on placement, technique, terminology, balance, and strength will be provided. Students can expect a full barre, pirouette preparation, small and medium jumps, and an introduction to grand allegro combinations.

Advanced Beginning

​Must have at least two years of ballet experience and should have a full understanding of ballet terminology. This is a good level for non-beginning dancers unsure of their level, those returning after some time away from the ballet studio, and those confident at the Beginning Ballet level. Students can expect a full barre, followed by center work with pirouette combinations and petit and grand allegro.


​Must have several years of ballet experience. Students can expect a faster paced class, longer combinations, and increased complexity. This class is ideal for dancers comfortable in the Advanced Beginning level who are looking for a greater challenge and wish to build more stamina and strength.



BalletNova's Conditioning class focuses on strength, flexibility, and coordination with specific exercises designed to support students in their dance training. This class focuses on abdominals, back and hip muscles using mat and standing exercises along with various props provided by BalletNova. Additionally, students will learn stretching techniques to increase flexibility. This class is appropriate for students of all ages and abilities. Participants are welcome to bring their own mat.

Hip Hop

Mixed Level

This class introduces students to the groove of hip hop that will have you feeling like you are dancing in a music video. This class consists of a short warm up based on hip hop technique and involves stretching, strengthening, and coordination exercises. The choreography itself is very much a cardiovascular workout, but with the artistic integrity of professional level hip hop and moves that are easy to follow along with.


Modern/ChoreographyDescription coming soon. Advanced BeginningDescription coming soon. IntermediateBest for dancers who have some previous experience (e.g., Advanced Beginning Modern). This class begins with a full-body warmup including elements of pilates and yoga. Movement in the center and across the floor includes weight-shifting, moving through space, learning gestural phrases, and finding an awareness of each dancers' individual movement style. Each class culminates with learning a movement combination to music, dancing in the space, and adding a story-telling element to the given movement.

Musical Theater

Mixed LevelThis class serves as a compliment to a beginning jazz class and is a very basic instructional class designed to introduce students to a Broadway style of jazz. Each class begins with a brief warm up and stretch followed by learning a routine that will make you feel like you are in rehearsal preparing for opening night! Class explores various forms of theatre dance from classical to contemporary musicals. Intermediate Musical TheaterDesigned for those who want to take musical theater to the next level, the intermediate level class provides more complex and longer combinations.



This class is for the complete beginner or dancers returning to tap. Learn the basic steps, combinations across the floor, time steps, and a few routines.

Advanced Beginning

This class is for dancers who know the basics and are ready for more complex patterns and steps. Learn more technical routines and different rhythms, which are broken down to help build dancers’ repertoire.


This class is for dancers who know all the basic tap sounds and steps and can easily follow new material. Dancers will move at a quicker pace with increased pattern complexity.

Advanced Tap

This class is for dancers who have had several years of tap experience and can quickly pick up steps without extensive explanation. Dancers should be able to decipher complex steps and combinations as well as execute longer routines.