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Scene-by-Scene Breakdown

Act 1: (35 minutes)

  1. Overture (Sebastian, Marie, Dr. Coppelius, Coppélia, Coppélia Friends)
  2. Swanhilda Variation (Swanhilda, Franz, Coppélia Friends, Coppélia)
  3. The Skirmish (Swanhilda, Franz, Sebastian, Marie, Coppélia Friends, Dr. Coppelius, Coppélia)
  4. Entrance of Priest/Mazurka (Sebastian, Marie, Priest, Villager Demi Soloists, Villagers)
  5. The Botched Attempts (Swanhilda, Franz, Sebastian, Marie, Priest, Dr. Coppelius, Villager Demi Soloists, Villagers)
  6. Dance of the Wheat Stalk (Swanhilda, Franz, Villager Demi Soloists, Villagers)
  7. Coppélia Friends’ Dance (Swanhilda, Marie, Coppélia Friends)
  8. Czardas (Franz, Sebastian, Villager Demi-Soloists, Villagers)
  9. Exit of Priest (Swanhilda, Franz, Sebastian, Marie, Priest, Swanhilda Friends, Villager Demi Soloists, Villagers)
  10. The Taunt (Swanhilda, Franz, Swanhilda Friends, Dr. Coppelius)

Act 2: (20 minutes)

  1. Entrance of the House (Swanhilda, Swanhilda Friends, Dr. Coppelius Dolls)
  2. The Surprise and Flight (Swanhilda, Swanhilda Friends, Dr.Coppelius, Dr.Coppelius Dolls)
  3. An Intruder (Franz, Dr.Coppelius, Dr.Coppelius Dolls)
  4. The Spell (Swanhilda, Franz, Dr.Coppelius, Dr.Coppelius Dolls)
  5. Dance of the ‘Live’ Coppélia (Swanhilda, Dr. Coppelius, Franz, Dr. Coppelius Dolls)
  6. The Revelation (Swanhilda, Franz, Dr. Coppelius, Swanhilda Friends, Dr. Coppelius Dolls)

Act 3: (21 minutes)

  1. The Wedding Procession (Swanhilda, Franz, Marie, Sebastian, Swanhilda Friends, Priest, Youth Principal, Youth Corps de Ballet, Resilience Principal, Resilience Corps de Ballet, Patience Principal, Patience Corps de Ballet, Strength Principal, Strength Corps de Ballet, Dr. Coppelius, Villagers, Villagers Demi Soloists
  2. Youth Variation (Youth Principal, Youth Corps de Ballet)
  3. Resilience Variation (Resilience Principal, Resilience Corps de Ballet)
  4. Patience Variation (Patience Principal, Patience Corps de Ballet)
  5. Strength Variation (Strength Principals)
  6. Swanhilda Variation
  7. Franz Variation
  8. Finale (Swanhilda, Franz, Marie, Sebastian, Dr. Coppelius, Youth Principal and Corps de Ballet, Resilience Principal and Corps de Ballet, Patience Principal and Corps de Ballet, Strength Principal and Corps de Ballet, Villagers, Villager Demi Soloists, Coppélia)